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Ethics Interpreter

After confirming an assignment within your availability period, you agree to execute the assignment yourself in line with the competences as recorded in your profile. In the unlikely event you are unable to execute the assignment, after confirmation, it will adversely impact your reliability rating of your profile for prospective clients online. Your reliability rating will however not be affected if you do have a replacement registered and qualified online before the planned assignment takes place.

The Vooyz Interpreter shall limit him/herself to interpreting. While performing his/her professional duties, the Interpreter shall not give advice, express personal opinions, or engage in any other activity that may be construed to constitute a service other than interpreting.

The Interpreter shall respect all confidences received in the course of interpretation. All information gained by the Interpreter in the course of his/her professional duties shall remain strictly confidential. This information shall not be communicated, published or in any way divulged to any organization or person, other than the organization or person engaging the services of the Interpreter. Interpreter shall not reveal his identity, name nor contact details in any way to the cutomer.

The Interpreter shall render, to the best of his/her ability, a complete and accurate interpretation without altering or omitting anything that is stated. Interpreter shall not add to what is said nor provide unsolicited explanation.

The Interpreter shall be impartial and unbiased and shall refrain from conduct that may give an appearance of bias. He/she shall not allow personal opinions to interfere with his/her duties nor add unsolicited comments or make recommendations except to assist communication.

The Interpreter shall disclose any real or perceived conflict of interest. He/she shall not take personal advantage, financial or otherwise, of information obtained in the course of his/her work.

The Interpreter shall, at all times, assess his/her ability to maintain Vooyz™ highest standards for professional interpretation. He/she shall immediately convey any reservations about his/her ability to successfully complete the assignment, for the customer. The Interpreter shall decline any assignment he/she believes to be beyond his/her technical knowledge or linguistic ability.

The Interpreter shall only interpret for the language(s) for which he/she is authorized to interpret by Vooyz and as certified by Vooyz.

Interpreter shall maintain a professional standard and be polite. He/she shall maintain a professional demeanor, be courteous and use the tone of voice appropriate to the situation. Interpreter shall defer to instructions from clients.

The Interpreter shall keep informed of, adhere to, and conform his/her practices to Vooyz policies and guidelines that relates to his/her professional duties.

The Interpreter shall act at all times in accordance with the standards of conduct, as an over-the- Internet Interpreter and a telephone interpreter.