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1. Register.

2. A confirmation e-mail with a
Host Vooyz key and the Guest Vooyz key will be send to you.
The Host Vooyz key enables you to place an order and to participate
in the online interpretation meeting.
The Guest Vooyz key enables your guests to participate
in the online interpretation meeting.
These keys will not be active before receipt of your payment.

3. Top-up your account.
The service requires pre-payments.

Upon receipt of payment into your personal account, your
keys will become active.

4. Place the order.

This is merely a reservation. You do not need to use the service right away. You can use the service any time later, at the time of your choosing.

There are two ways to place the order :
- from Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone
- from your mobile, using an SMS text message with this format :

Vooyz-key (ONE SPACE) language-number* (to translate from/into English)

* download language list here and use the numeric 3-digit number in the SMS

5. Let your guests ( the participants) know the right time, their connection-details and their guest Vooyz-key (all participants use the same key).

6. At the time of the meeting, use following connection method :
Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet : use Chrome to open this link

use your telephone to dial this number + 32 (2) 5800496
For frequent users, it may be more economic and more practical to use their own private telephone number within their own country(ies) or city(ies)/area(s). The fixed cost for 'your private' telephone number is +/- 10,00 €/$ per month and it will involve a one-time set-up fee of 35,00 €/$. (exc VAT). In addition you will incur the (variable) communication costs when placing the calls. This private service will enable you to access the interpretation services, making 'local' calls (i.e. within your own country or city/area). If you wish to make use of that private facility, please contact

Have your Host Vooyz-key ready. Your Guests will re requested to enter their Guest key.

* CAUTION accessing the service by telephone is less challenging in terms of firewalls and network-restrictions. it is robust and it can be used from virtually anywhere.
However, your telephone communication is subject to additional charges by your telecom provider.
If you use the Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet, typically there is no extra communication cost involved.

BEWARE : from the moment your enter the online meeting room (using your key)
Vooyz will seek contact with the interpreter to join as soon as possible. Typically this takes
a few minutes but we ask your understanding and patience in case it does take longer.
It is however very important that everyone is logged in at the agreed upon time.
Your Account will be debited for the time that the interpreter is present in the online meeting room.


Contact Info

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